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The better option.

Getting a tradie to deliver on time and within budget sounds like the start of a joke. It shouldn’t be. Civil Works are an absolute necessity to any type of construction work and should be taken seriously. Paying for a substandard contractor is not ok. There is a better option.

On Time 
& On Budget

Easier to work with

A smoother experience from start to finish. Formalised quoting, efficient work practices and high standard finishes. 

Less Stress

No more chasing a tradesman that doesn’t deliver on what they’ve promised. We stay in contact throughout the entire process. 

Priority Focus 

Your site is our priority and we will always strive to give you 100%. We don't ever over commit on jobs and understand that each site requires our complete dedication. 

No Delays

You will never be delayed from handing over to a client because of a preventable Civil Work delay. 

Experience is Everything

Having been involved in civil works his whole life, the Director of PCG, Joseph, understands that construction delays cost you money, time and clients.

You want an efficient handover to your clients that keep them coming back TO YOU for more.

We know that we work as part of a chain and want you to know that we turn up - on time and ready, every time. 

With over 10 years industry experience we prepare for what can go wrong and do everything in our power to make sure it stays right. 

Our Services

David Wahba
Capstone Projects

"This isn't the first and it won't be the last time that we work with Project Civil Group. Their attention to detail is faultless. Joseph knows so much about his trade and is always happy to offer usable, proactive and reliable advice or to accept feedback. Their finishes are incredible. We've never had any issues retaining their services and keep going back for more!"

Dali Ghataura

SD Group Australia

"Project Civil Group were a pleasure to work with on the Stage 1, Campbell Rd Footpath Upgrade. Their team, led by Joseph Saab worked collaboratively with SD Group and managed to build an excellent product for the customers, whilst upholding a high standard of safety, quality and environmental management throughout the construction process. We look forward to working with Project Civil Group in future projects"

Adam Shah

Streetbuild Construction 

"...our experience with Project Civil has always resulted in positive outcomes, and we expect our working relationship to bear further success in the future. I highly recommend using Project Civil Group... Project Civil is a company that has delivered quality service, while always managing to deliver before deadlines."


"“Very professional and efficient team. Great group of people with experience, polite and punctual. Highly recommended.”

Our Client's Words

Let's pave the way forward, together.

The impossible search...

Finding an excavation company who understands that large and small scale jobs require different approaches is near impossible. You’re often made to pay for someone with minimal experience but too much confidence.


Civil works that endure the test of time 


Civil works that endure the test of time 

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